Minister: Russia, Belarus set to create single economy

Russia and Belarus are deepening their integration to create a single economy, Maksim Oreshkin, Russia’s minister of economic development, said in Moscow on Tuesday.

While speaking in the Federation Council, Russia’s upper parliamentary chamber, Mr. Oreshkin said that Russia and Belarus had drawn up 31 roadmaps for further economic integration. “We now have a thick stack of documents containing specific measures in key spheres that will be bringing us closer to what we call a ‘two states, one economy’ arrangement,” he said.

The minister said that the two countries were expected to agree uniform economic regulations and standards, “so that a person and a company, no matter whether they originate from Russia or from Belarus, feel the same and have the same opportunities.”

“This is what we are working on now,” he said. “We have made very serious progress. There remains a certain number of unresolved differences.”

Mr. Oreshkin confirmed that Vladimir Putin and Aliaksand Lukašenka would meet in Saint Petersburg on December 20. “It seems to me that we can take another step forward,” he said.