Ceremony in Victory Square in Minsk marks liberation anniversary

A ceremony was held in Victory Square in Minsk on Wednesday to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Belarusian capital from the Nazi invaders.

In attendance were, among others, youths who symbolically guard war memorials in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Speaking at the ceremony, Anatol Adonyew, chairman of the Minsk city chapter of the Belarusian Association of War Veterans, said that the Soviet Union had defeated Nazi Germany because the Belarusian, Russia and Ukrainian peoples had been united.

"We defended our great Motherland together. We achieved victory together and want our peoples to stay together now. If we keep together we will prevail again," he said. "While meeting with youths on these festive days we want to pass the loyalty to our countries that veterans of the Great Patriotic War have on to them. Let's be together, let's be united and achieve successes in developing our countries. Let's make our young generation as much loyal and patriotic."