Diplomats representing EU, USA visit Ukrainian embassy


The heads of European Union member states' diplomatic missions and the US embassy in Minsk paid a "courtesy visit" to the Ukrainian embassy on March 20.

In an interview with BelaPAN, Maira Mora, head of the EU Delegation to Belarus, said that the Ukrainian ambassador had been invited last week to tell the heads of EU diplomatic missions about the situation in Ukraine.

"Then we decided that we could gather in the Ukrainian embassy, also partly as an act of solidarity, because we wanted to talk about it right here and to have this support in visible form," said Ms. Mora.

Under discussion was the "current situation in Ukraine, what has happened and what the future developments could be," said the diplomat.

Ms. Mora noted that Belarus' stance on the subject had also been raised at the meeting. "Belarus has expressed itself very clearly and in a very diplomatic way. I think it once again proves the level of qualifications of Belarusian diplomats," she said.