Images of Slucak sashes appear on commemorative coins, stamps


Commemorative coins and stamps bearing images of famous Slucak sashes were unveiled at the National Art Museum in Minsk on March 14.

“Today we can see that one of our national symbols - Slucak sashes - is acquiring a new sense and becoming a brand of present-day Belarus,” Deputy Prime Minister Anatol Tozik said at the event. “The government has approved a state program to revive the manufacture of Slucak sashes and develop the manufacture of Belarusian national souvenirs.”

“A factory has been started to make copies of Slucak sashes, a very interesting museum has been opened. The National Bank has made beautiful coins devoted to our Slucak sashes.”

Nadzeya Yermakova, head of the National Bank of Belarus, expressed certainty that the coin would be in demand as a souvenir and exquisite gift. //BelaPAN