Given Maidan protests, Belarusian opposition forces’ priority should be to prove that they want peaceful change, activist says


It may seem strange, but for most Belarusians, Ukraine’s Maidan protests are a very serious argument against a similar scenario in Belarus, Andrey Dzmitryyew, deputy chairman of the “Tell the Truth!” movement, said Monday, speaking at a news conference in Minsk.

“People are scared by the number of those killed [in Ukraine] and therefore they say: ‘Yes, we want change but not this way!’” Mr. Dzmitryyew said. “The task of the pro-democracy community and opposition forces is to prove that we want peaceful change and that we are worth support, or else we will find ourselves in a very difficult situation in 2015 [the year of a presidential election in Belarus]. And the blame for the victims lies with the [former Ukrainian] government, which did not listen to people and their will.” //BelaPAN