Lukašenka describes ongoing electoral campaign as “bacchanalia”

Aliaksandr Lukašenka has described the ongoing parliamentary election campaign as “bacchanalia” and a rehearsal for next year’s presidential election, warning that he will not let his opponents undermine the country.

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“I have already said that in politics we have started sitting an exam,” the Belarusian leader said Thursday in Minsk while accepting the credentials of some foreign ambassadors and meeting with newly appointed government officials.

“Today’s pre-election bacchanalia, and one cannot use any other word to call it, in the run-up to the parliamentary election suggests that this is just a rehearsal for the presidential election. They will try to prevent us from going through these periods calmly, and we should conduct [the elections] properly,” the presidential press office quoted him as saying.

“We should conduct these elections for ourselves in our country, in a manageable country. And if we have decided that we should do so, so and so, that there should be such a tactics, we should stick to it.”

Mr. Lukašenka insisted that he was the real target of criticism leveled against pro-government candidates for the House of Representatives. “This is what is happening now,” he said. “At times they attack [candidates] without good reason, indecently, unfairly, taking aim at the president. I am ready for that. I want you to be on the lookout and know that we cannot let them undermine the country. You know who wants to do that.”